English Medieval Landmarks get £35 million in heritage funding

English Medieval Landmarks get £35 million in heritage funding

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Canterbury Cathedral, Nottingham Castle and Bath Abbey will all be receiving millions of pounds in funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, allowing them to carry out new conservation and heritage projects.

The funding was announced earlier this week, with two museums and a history centre also set to receive support. Carole Souter, Chief Executive of the Heritage Lottery Fund, commented “These projects will enhance and re-energise some of England’s best-loved places. They will build on the stories of the past and offer new opportunities for the future.”

Canterbury Cathedral has been earmarked £11.9 million in funding, part of a £19.4 million project that will create a new visitor centre and restore the fabric of the Cathedral’s western end. The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis, the Dean of Canterbury, said, “This initial support from the HLF is a public endorsement of the Cathedral’s plans both for maintaining its wonderful architecture, as well as enabling even more people to be a creative part of the Cathedral’s community and enjoy all that it has to offer. We are hugely grateful to the Trustees of the HLF for their very generous support. Now we have two years to crystallise our plans – and to raise the £7.4 million of matched funding that is required! That will be an immense challenge, but it is one that my colleagues and I accept with relish.”

Nottingham Castle is set to receive £12.9 million, which will allow it build two new interpretation exhibitions and give visitors access to the caves that run underneath the castle. One of new exhibitions – Robin and the Rebels: Protest, Rebellion and the Rise of Democracy – will showcase the story of Robin Hood.

“This is an opportunity to put the Castle back where it belongs – at the Centre of the City – and to make it a world class attraction,” said Ted Cantle, Chair of the Nottingham Castle Trust. “The proposals to create a ‘Robin and the Rebels’ history gallery together with the opening up of the medieval site and caves, will attract people from all over the world and boost jobs and the local economy.”

Nottingham Castle from Dale Fallows on Vimeo.

Meanwhile Bath Abbey will have £10.4 million in funding that will allow it to carry out urgent conservation work to the abbey’s floor 15th century floor, install a new eco-friendly heating system using Bath’s unique hot springs as a source of energy, and create new facilities to allow them to expand their programme of activities.

Edward Mason, Rector of Bath Abbey, added “This is great news for the Abbey as well as the city of Bath and everyone who has put so much time and effort into this. The Abbey has been at the centre of the Bath community for over 1,200 years. Footprint will make the Abbey fit for purpose and the changes will make it possible for current and future generations to use, understand and fully enjoy Bath Abbey. Thanks to the HLF, we are a huge step closer to achieving this.”

In order to secure the full funding each of these three heritage sites will be moving forward with their own fundraising campaigns.

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